Doha 2009 Qatar Tennis Open

Doha 2009 Qatar Tennis Open

VIP and Sponsor Hospitality Village

 Glass backlit bar top and oversized backdrop Sponsor pods and reception oversized backdrop to Long Bar outdoor lounge Sony Ericsson VIP lounge

Our brief was to design the Sponsor Hospitality and VIP Village for the Doha Tennis Tournaments, the design will be kept in place for both the Sony Ericsson and the Exxon Mobil events.

Our response was to create an exciting visual space that would be of surprise on the world tennis circuit while refelcting and promoting Qatar as the cutting edge place for event hosting.

We designed a VIp Village that recreates the essence of an arabian courtyard blended with the contemporary lounge design. The Arabian experinece is given by the feature pool and running water, arabian lamps and low seating, a bedouin tent serving arabian coffee, dates and shisha.

The contemporary feel is given by the design of clean lined, white crisp spaces ranging from the ‘Long Bar’ – a 20m long white bar with glass lit plane and an oversized backdrop of the Tennis Champions in action- and lycra structures stretched across steel frames and lit with the Sony Ericsson colours to create Sponsor ‘Pods’ for the exclusive dining areas, a drmatic entrance canopy and a stage area for musical performances.

The atmosphere was magical as guests enjoyed some of the best in world class tennis and the warm Doha October nights in our outdoor VIP lounge!

Design in association with LAVA Architects