Old Delhi Chandni Chowk market

intro to the Designsport – Delhi 2000 and Ten videoblog

Working in different countries is not just about business, it’s about exchanging cultures…learning to listen…


and  have created a blog/film project to capture the spirit of this India adventure, as part of their continuous endeavor to experiment with communication and of offering a new perspective in sport.

Key members of designsport have been appointed as Expert Overlay Design Advisors to the DELHI 2010 COMMONWEALTH GAMES!

The Designsport Team has been engaged to design, develop and deliver the Overlays for 17 Competition Venues and 6 Non Competition Venues. Designsport have built a local team of Architects and Trained them in Operational and Overlay Design as part of Designsport proposal to provide a Games legacy for upcoming sporting events in India.