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Evotek F1 Simulator

is aprofessional dynamic platform installed on three rotation axes expressly designed for thedriving simulation on the current F1 cars.
Directly coming from Formula1, the control system, typehardware in the loop,
and the high precision implementation mechanics allow obtaining the greatsy stem reactivity in term s of acceleration and precision of movements, providing
an excellent realism of driving model.

Manufactured by Riker ltd on an exclusive Evotek Engineering ltd design, EVOTEK SYM 026 platform is designed and divided into modules (or subgroups) in order to allow thee volution of each part. We obtainan extremely compact and elegant result with considerable advantages for transport, installation and service.


represents a platform aimed at the professional field, the needs of motor sport and/or driver training, but also entertainment centers or simply for a personal use for those who want to enjoy the emotion of drivingan F1 car


is the first platform on the market with bearing monocoque with integrated mechanical handling. This solution reduces the moving mass, increases by this way the dynamic performances on the platform. Even sizes and dimension are smaller, ensuring an excellent result in terms of compactness and simplicity of preparation.


As with the dynamic handling system, even commands:steering, braking, accelerator and gear on the steering, areprofessional; the yare developed and approved by professional drivers and provide an extremely realistic feeling in terms of being and modulation of the command.



-Dynamic platform on bearing monocoque;

-Three axes of rotation: pitch, roll, yaw;

-High responsiveness and precision handling;

-Professional quality of driving controls

-Quick and easy adjustment of the pedals;

-Monocoquelike F1 2010 with sizes established by FIA rules;

-Force feedback realistic effect on the steering with adjustable values by the driver who can choose among dumping, friction and force up to a maximum torque of 8 Nm;

-Multifunction display that provides to the driver car and lap times;

-Carbon control changes on the steering.



The platform’s movement system as well as the supply of computer, monitors and controls work together with a 220V single phase voltage allowing a use with a domestic installation. The total consumption remains below 1.4kW/h. ConstantUpgrade

EVOTEK SYM 026 has been designed to allow future upgrades on the existing platform. Any implementation can be integrated and what is bought today represents a value in the future.

Placement You need any holes in the wall or floor installation.



This upgrade is nowadays under construction. G-Seat is an aviation system that transfers to the pilot, with great fidelity, all the effects about G-force due to acceleration, braking and fast bends. The system keep the pressure on the body for longs periods emphasizing the index of forces realism that operates during the drive, limit also for 6 degrees of freedom simulators even with actuators with long strokes.


Improve the driver’s point of view also means increasing the index of realism. It will be soon available a new “imagine” upgrade that, using a multi-projector system and a sphere section screen, will provide a high fidelity image without discontinuity and a high fidelity about colors and contrasts.

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Australian Event Awards

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